Podcast: How Health and Anxiety Work Together

Podcast: Anxiety & Our Health

by Inviting Shift| Originally Posted on March 5, 2019

I recently had the pleasure to speak with Christina Smith on her Inviting Shift Podcast. This new season’s topic is anxiety, and we’ll also talk about stress and depression. We’re diving deep into causes, and especially solutions through better health, doing our inner work and connecting to our spiritual selves. We shared our stories, the tools we use and most of all encouragement that life can be less chaos and more ease and flow. 

On this episode we talked about the endless cycle of how anxiety impacts our health and vice versa. 

Some of the things we hit on:

  • How our gut is often the source of our anxiety
  • The cycle of how anxiety impacts our health and vice versa
  • How the foods we eat can increase or decrease anxiety
  • Tips to reduce anxiety whether you are on medication or not
  • Tools to use when you experience anxiety

How we care for ourselves greatly impacts how we feel. We don’t always understand the amount of stress our bodies are under until we take the time to listen in.

Take the time today and listen to this short talk.

Listen in

Anxiety Series Podcast

About the Host

Christina Smith: Health and Empowerment Coach focused on supporting physical, emotional, and spiritual health in women who struggle with anxiety, depression and are tired of life. Offering actionables, tips, tools and connection.

Find Christina here: https://invitingshift.com


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