Podcast: My Path to Coaching

I was a Recent Guest on DiscoverYourPathU’s Connection Sessions Podcast.

I had the distinct pleasure of being interviewed by DiscoverYourPathU’s Chief Operating Officer, Sharon Frochen, and she really got me talking!

Listen in to discover how I came to be a coach as well as an unlikely shaman! Learn more about how mBIT, or mBraining can help you transform your life in profound and expeditious ways! One client recently said that a single mBraining session felt like 10 years of therapy!

Learn more about how your “Inner Whispers” can help you get tuned in to the messages being sent by your multiple brains!

After you listen to the Podcast, book a complimentary mBraining Breakthrough Session and discover for yourself how powerful this coaching modality is! The link is below.


Click here to schedule your FREE 30-Minute mBraining Breakthrough Session. Use coupon code MBIT30 at checkout!

Yours in Health & Wellness, Sarah

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