New Year’s Resolutions vs Annual Themes

Every year, when most people are choosing their New Year’s Resolutions, I do something a little bit different… I set a theme for the year. My theme for 2019, which I set at the beginning of the year, is GIVE, GROW, GROUND … and, boy, let me tell you… this year has been full of ALL OF THAT!

Getting Grounded

Meditating allows me to balance my sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, alleviates stress, reduce anxiety and depression, and just plain makes me happy.

Post-Divorce Guide to Self-Care

NOW AVAILABLE: the “POST-DIVORCE GUIDE TO SELF-CARE” Get your FREE Copy of by clicking the link below. It’s loaded with practical recommendations for taking care of YOU during these trying and turbulent times! I know this is a difficult transition for you, and I’m here to help you get to a place where you feel…