What Does Inspiration Feel Like?


Inspiration arrives in my body when my head, heart, gut and autonomic nervous system (ANS) are aligned.

When my heart is open and trusting, I believe the whispers of divinity that I feel.

When my gut is calm I am deeply centered and anchored to my core identity. I am not this thing or that thing. I am simply “I am” and feel motivated to act.

When my ANS is activated, I am a lightening rod of electrical impulses traveling the length of my body, sending and receiving signals from the ethos, down to Gaia and back.

So when my heart is open and trusting, my gut is calm and motivated and my ANS is activated and responsive, my head is able to freely create without judgment or criticism of that which I have been inspired to express.

I am my least inspired or inspiring when I live from my head alone. Inspiration can’t be forced. It can’t develop in a closed mind or in a hard heart. I am my most inspired and inspiring when I am open and aligned to Source and purpose.

So when I am aligned, I am able to receive inspiration which is the trigger to act.

How do you experience inspiration? Where do you feel it in your body? What is the source of it?


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