No Matter Where You Go…

No matter how fast, how far, or how hard you try to run from yourself, there you are.

How, then, can we delude ourselves into believing we are ever separate from God/Source/Spirit?

If you travel to the ends of the Earth, are you then separate?
How about if you make it to the edge of the Universe. Are you then separate from God/Source/Spirit any more than you are separate from yourself?
Suppose you reach the outer limit of all that is, and move one step beyond it. Have you then succeeded in removing yourself from the interconnectivity of all things?

As we push away from the divine, trying to find ourselves, know that when we return to self, we are returning to God/Source/Spirit. And waiting there for us are the open, loving arms that will enfold and comfort us.

No matter where you go, there you are, and so, there, is God/Source/Spirit.

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