Divorce Helped Me Realize I’m Worth Everything!

Divorce Helped Me RealizeOnce I had a little distance between my divorce and my new life, I realized that I am worth everything!  But that wasn’t always the case.

Years before, while in a toxic relationship, there’s no way I could have accomplished what I have since being on my own.  I would have self-sabotaged everything to be sure I wouldn’t succeed.

That was much safer than actually succeeding.  I had a lovely co-dependent thing going, and didn’t want to mess it up.  I started many ventures along the way during that relationship, none of which amounted to anything.  I perpetuated the cycle of need and dependence.  I got a “great idea” and put some effort into it, then got bored or lost interest in it, got distracted by a new idea, or it became too complicated, so I shut it down, and remained financially dependent on my spouse.

For one thing, I never truly believed in myself.  I never believed I could succeed at anything and sustain it over time.  For decades, I filled a deep well of self-doubt, which pulled me in whenever I sought to make a go of something new.

This was a totally sucky way to live!  And, once I was divorced and forced to look at my life and decide what was deeply important to me, I started moving confidently toward my goal.

One day I woke up feeling strong and empowered, and had a newfound belief in myself and my goals to a) get certified as a coach, and, b) get coached by some awesome women!  I looked around and realized there were thousands of other women doing the exact work I most wanted to do.

They had taken the chance on themselves to become coaches, and that’s exactly what I did too!    Necessity may have nudged me to pursue becoming a coach, but love for what I do has kept me here and been my source of strength in pursuing my dreams.

Step by step, I’m creating my life, by design.  I’m choosing the when, what, and how I build my financial security.  When is the last time you took courageous steps toward a goal because you deeply believed in yourself?  What’s keeping you from going after your dream?

Working with a life coach can help propel your life forward. Here are some areas to focus on to create a life you love living:

  1. Identify self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back, so that you can let them go, and move on.
  2. Discover your inner strength so that you can confidently go after your goals.
  3. Explore additional ways you can access your core beliefs and leverage them for your own success, so that you can create the financial security you want.

Remember, you’re worth everything!

With loving compassion for you on your journey,




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