Intuitive Energy Healing and Learning to Trust

✨🦋 Here’s What Happened When I Finally Decided to Trust my Gifts and Abilities as an Intuitive Energy Healer 🦋✨

The Lead In…

Last Saturday evening, as I lay on the couch watching a few episodes of The Great British Baking Show (it’s just SO GOOD), I was suddenly seized by what can only be described as searing, white-hot pain in my hands and wrists.

It came on so abruptly that I felt like I’d just experienced an alien invasion! My hands and wrists were aching and burning. I couldn’t hold anything. Rubbing them didn’t help. Holding them up didn’t help. Holding them motionless didn’t help. All I could do was endure the agonizing pain.

It kept me awake until 2am. And there, lying in bed I asked “Whose pain is this?” I got an immediate response “Angela B.” Ah. Ok. Not my pain. So let me sleep, which I did, and forgot about the pain.

So there I was on Sunday morning, just finishing up a weekly non-dual shamanic journey group session, when the pain came roaring back, just as white-hot as the night before. Then I remembered… Angela. What I did next may seem like an act of courage, and quite honestly, even just a few months ago I wouldn’t have done it.

But I’m learning to truly, deeply trust my gifts as an intuitive energy healer. The evidence is actually stacking up to support it, which satisfies my rational mind, which, I suppose, is what gave me the courage to reach out to Angela. Here is a transcript of our conversation over the past 5 days (with permission from Angela, and edited only for non-relevant dialogue)…

The Conversation…

Sunday, 11:39am
Me: Hi Angela! Over the last couple of days I’ve been getting severe pain in my wrists and hands and when I ask whose pain it is, I get your name. It’s like intense arthritis pain. I don’t know if you’ve been having joint pain, but if you have, let me know and I’ll send some healing energy your way. ❤️

Angela: You are amazing! I’m so grateful you trust your inner wisdom. As I am sitting with my heating pad on my back! I have had some debilitating pain in the last few weeks and I have been questioning my body, asking what it is trying to tell me. I don’t hear as well as you! 😘❤️

Me: Wow. Ok. Would you like me to send healing? Also, look into Buckeye Nuts (from the buckeye tree) they will help with inflammation from arthritis. 🤷

Angela: Yes Please! Thank you! Would you mind sending some to my Mom too? I will share this with Mom too. She just came out of the hospital with the most intense pain she’s had in her life, and she’s had a lot! The CAT scan showed inflammation was the only problem.

Me: Yes. What is your mom’s name?

Angela: We both have been told we have pretty heavy arthritis so my guess is you’re correct on that. [Her name is] Patty B.

Sunday, 12:20pm
Me: I sent healing. The pain kept moving around. Some of the pain you’ve been feeling is your mom’s. I did some uncording of that pain. It actually went all the way back to your grandmother. So I uncorded and separated your pain from your mom’s. Then did healing on you. And on your mom individually. Sent love and light to grandma. You may feel a cool sense flowing through your bones. Let me know how you go with this – if you and mom get some relief. 🙏🥰

Angela: Thank you Sarah. I appreciate it greatly and I will let you know.

Me: Oh, I almost forgot… when I was sending healing to you, I got an image of a stand for your laptop… so it sits at an angle when you use it. Otherwise you will start to have a lot of pain in your hands/wrists/forearms.

Angela: Thank you! That is what I’ve had to do the last couple of weeks. I’ve had to keep my back straight upright so I had to have a stand so I can see the computer straight ahead without bending. Your intuition gets an A+ tonight! 👏👏👏

Tuesday 8:22pm
Me: Hey Angela. Just wanted to check in with you to see if you or your mom have had any lessening of pain. 🥰

Angela: I will have to check with Mom but I feel good! It is funny because I was so focused on my back pain that I didn’t notice the pain in my arms, wrists and hands until after we talked! As I was driving home I noticed and as I gently squeezed each area, I could feel the pain. Today I have squeezed all the areas and it just feels like arms and hands! No pain! It makes me wonder if I can open a jar! 😁 I will be excited to hear from my Mom and will let you know as soon as I do. Thank you again!

Wednesday 7:31am
Me: Yayyyyy!

Angela: So I asked Mom this: How are you feeling? A friend of mine does energy work and has been working on my arthritis, my arms and hands are feeling better! I asked her to send some your way, so we are curious if you noticed a difference since Sunday night?
Here is her response: Monday was a better day. Tuesday was better and today is great 👍👍🥰🥰
How awesome is that????!!!
We are talking worst pain in her life!

Me: I’m so happy to hear that!! I’ll do some more energy work for both of you today. I still feel a little residual pain. ❤️

Angela: You are incredible! Thank you Sarah!

The Conclusion…

Hearing how well both Angela and her Mom are feeling after sending them intuitive energy healing is exactly why I am compelled to continue on this path… my path… trusting those inner whispers of intuition, and acting on the courage to reach out, even at the risk of being ridiculed or unappreciated. I know what I see and feel.

I’ve witnessed healing happen as a result of focused energy. After all, we are each energetic beings with unique energetic signatures, and while energy can be neither created nor destroyed… it can change form, and that is when and where healing can happen.

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