WARNING! Pay attention to and read your body signals

“The body can literally reject someone’s energy. Your anxiety will start acting up anytime bad energy disrupts your spirit. Listen to your body.


This is so true! A few weeks ago, I was scheduled to visit with someone I haven’t seen in over a year. I was sort of looking forward to it, but not overly excited.

When it was almost time to leave for our meeting, I got a text message from this person, indicating exactly where they were and suggesting I meet them there. Then my body did something truly powerful.

I was instantly hit with major anxiety, bordering on panic. My autonomic nervous system was in overdrive. I felt sick and began to tremble.


At first I tried to push through it. I tried to convince myself that it would be fine and I should quit being so uptight about seeing this person again.


But then something else happened. I asked myself how if I wanted to go. I checked in with myself… with my gut… with my intuition. And the answer was a resounding NO! I didn’t want to see this person.


I’m a visual person. Before I do anything (anything at all), I first visualize it. I watch a little movie in my mind, and I can see how it’s going to be. I can feel how it’s going to feel. As I imagined the energy exchange of seeing them again, I realized it was going to be excruciating.


My body was rejecting this person’s energy (in advance) based on past experience with them. My body knew seeing them was a bad idea.


So I listened to my body. I listened closely. I went meta on my feelings to understand them. I chose to honor my feelings and not worry about hurting the other person’s feelings by canceling.

❤️ I chose Me.

As soon as I texted and said I wasn’t coming… and honestly explained that my body was riddled with anxiety about meeting, and that I needed to focus on understanding what the deeper message was… my body instantly relaxed. All of the anxiety just drained out of me.


So, yes… the body can literally reject someone else’s energy… and that’s ok! As a matter of fact, it’s quite remarkable that we have such finely tuned bodies that can pick up on the frequency someone else vibrates at, and know in an instant if it’s a good vibration, or a bad one.


You can learn to trust your intuition. It just takes time and practice to understand the subtle messaging system that is constantly at work in our body.

mBraining is a great way to align those messages and get clarity for decision-making. Give me a call and we can give it a go!


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