H E A L I N G the P L A N E T: a COVID-19 Shamanic Journey

Sharing my Shamanic Journey

🦠 COVID-19 is on Everybody’s Mind 🦠

I woke up today feeling anxious and distressed. As the day wore on, it only got worse. But as I checked in with myself, I knew this wasn’t my anxiety. This wasn’t my feelings of dread, of doom and gloom. I was feeling the tense energy all around me. Global energy is very intense right now. The fear level is higher than ever before, and it feeds upon itself, amplifying and spreading as it sweeps over the entire human population.

It’s a lot! It’s thick and sticky. Once you get caught up in this neural network of fear, it’s very hard to get free of it, so you become part of the electrical current that intensifies the flow of fear’s energetic signature. The fear is more easily communicable than the virus itself. You don’t even have to be in the same room as someone else to catch it. Hell, you can catch the fear from someone on the other side of the world!

I’m not down-playing the Corona Virus or its potential for devastation. The virus is real. It’s very real, and it’s everywhere now. But there are tangible, common-sense things we can do to help manage it and stop its spread. By now we’ve all heard about what to do…

  • Wash, Wash, Wash your hands, with soap, and then RINSE well!
  • Practice Social Distancing – stay away from crowds, stay more than 6 feet from other people. Only go out if it is necessary.
  • Eat to build your immune system. Get lots of Vitamins A, C & D.
  • Avoid processed foods and sugar (these suppress your immune system). 
  • When you do go out, make a habit of wiping down surfaces that were exposed… wipe your phone, your glasses, your purse/backpack. Wipe the door knob you touched to come back inside. 
  • Change your clothes when you get home. Shower often.

I’ve been feeling pretty calm about it all until today. Though, as I said, the feelings aren’t mine. I’m just tuned in to the Global mood. I spent the first 6 hours of the day trying to ignore it. I kept myself busy with other things, got caught up on some emails, researched a few things unrelated to the virus, and puttered around a bit, all in an attempt to distract myself from my feelings.

When it got too overwhelming, I knew it was time for me to do something I knew would be beneficial for me, for my state of mind and for my increasing sense of doom. Truthfully, it was past time. I had ignored my intuition long enough, and knew it was time for me to step back into my role as a healer. So I prepared my space… I lit incense, rang a bell, wove some rune symbols in the air, sat down and began drumming. I immediately felt relieved as I slipped back into this familiar place of belonging, here in my rich inner-world.

I journeyed through my inner world to a gathering place. It was a terrace, high atop a mountain. There were about 100 people mingling there. I made my way through the crowd and down a stony path to a narrow opening in the mountainside. There was a tall guardian at the entrance. It was Anubis. He had a human body, an animal head, and was dressed in full regalia, ancient egyptian garb. 

Wafting smoke from incense up and down, he cleansed my body and my being before I entered the altar room. I approached the altar, and laid my prayer upon it. My prayer for healing, for peace, for calm abiding as we navigate the landscape of the Corona Virus currently infecting every country, every continent except Antarctica.

As I stepped back from the altar, I joined with hundreds of thousands of other Shamans, Lightworkers, and healers from all around the world, and we began to weave an energetic web of healing energy. Diving deep into the center of Earth and extending out into the atmosphere, we joined together, twining energy into a thick lattice work of netting to hold us all safe within it. Imagine it’s like an energetic bouncy-house, and all the space within it is filled with healing. 

Within this space, we are free to let our anxiety shoot up, high into the atmosphere, where it will be caught and quelled by the healing ceiling of the energetic bouncy-house, and returned to us as a state of calm. All of our combined feelings of dread and doom can ricochet around, and wherever they land, they are relaxed, healed and returned to us. All we have to do is release them into the healing energy.

When I was done weaving my healing energy into the framework, I gave thanks to all the other healers, shamans and lightworkers, bowed deeply to the altar, and took my leave. As I approached Anubis on my way out of the cave, he extended his hand and offered me a white flower and told me it held healing properties that would be beneficial to our situation. I accepted his gift with heartfelt gratitude.

I made my way back up to the terrace, where there were still a few people mingling. They radiated love and compassion which matched my own. From there I made my way back to my journey portal, bringing the white flower with me, and concluded my shamanic journey to heal the planet from COVID-19 and all negative emotions caused by it.

After I returned to the here and now, I briefly shared my journey with friends, one of whom is a kitchen witch. I told her about the white flower and asked if she might know what it was. Upon her suggestion, I looked up pictures of jasmine, which she said has great healing properties for colds and flu viruses.

When I googled images of jasmine, I found exactly what Anubis had given me. It was the jasmine flower you see here:

Jasmine Flower

I’m sharing my journey with you so that you know there are many people; many beings working to help heal our planet. You are not alone. Yes, we all still need to be practical and use common sense, but trust there is much being done behind the scenes, too.

Take a break from the mania of the news, enjoy your enforced time off. Look at it as a gift of time you wouldn’t otherwise have. Time to spend one-on-one with your family, or loved ones. Reconnect with what’s truly important to you. Laugh at the silly memes, meditate, eat well, sleep, stay hydrated and get fresh air, play board games, write that novel you’ve been thinking about. This is the perfect opportunity to work on you.

Sending you love and healing, today and every day.

Faithfully, Your Quantum Shaman,

❤️ Sarah

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