❄️ Yuletide Blessing ❄️

Round and Round

We Go as We Go

Another cycle has concluded

As Mother Gaia’s annual rotation 

Comes to its compulsory close

And the return of Grian begins

Give thanks for the full revolution

Around which we have progressed


Like a womb

Offering its fertile ethos

To create new life

Now birthing a new year

Embrace the tender gloom

Turning your sight inward

With renewed purpose

Holding seeds of hope

And dreams to come

Nourish the desire for love 

Joy and peace for all

Take time to nurture

The tender roots of creation

Held safe in the dark of winter’s night

Name them

Nurture them

For they will bloom as your tomorrow

Light a candle

Focus your intention

Let go

Leave behind all that no longer serves you

As the old year dies away

So too will these old ways

Fade ever into the background

Like so many memories

Under cloak of darkness 

Grian has hidden

During this cycle’s longest eventide

And now turns again


To face us

And begins the long trek home

Breathing life into a new cycle


Interval by interval

Daylight slowly lengthening its fingers

Reaching for us once again

Casting shadows aside 

As we commence

Our journey back into the light

So it is

So it shall be

Blessed Be

❄️ Happy Yuletide ❄️woman-4164103_1920


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