Inner Strength

Inner Strength … What are you hungering for?

Hunger occurs in many forms. Over the years and through conditioning, many of us have learned to satisfy multiple hungers with food.

It’s easy to confuse what type of hunger we are experiencing if we are not aligned and connected to our head, heart and gut.

It is our body’s natural function to desire movement, mental stimulation, connection, and sustenance. The key is to know which of these you’re actually hungry for.

Next time you’re about to eat something, pause and ask yourself this question:

What am I truly hungering for?

Need intellectual stimulation? Read a good book, listen to some music, write something, get creative!

Need to feel connected? Reach out to a good friend or your significant other and ask for a hug and some conversation and a good laugh.

Need to move? Get up and wiggle, walk, dance, shake those arms out, etc. anything to satisfy the need for motion. And by the way, your body accepts chewing as motion, so don’t fall for that one unless you’re really physically hungry.😉

Inner Strength is really more about inner-knowing. Once you begin to recognize the truth of your hungers, you can begin to satisfy them accordingly, and leave the food for when you are physically hungry.

Want to talk more about how your multiple brains function and send message?  I’m always up for a good conversation. Better yet? Book an Alignment Session with me today. I’m here for you!

When we know better, we do better.
❤️Sarah Whalen, Coach

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