You and The Magic are One and the Same

Don’t look “out there” for God, Source, Divinity, or the Universe. There is no separation between you and all that exists. The magic that you see “out there” is the same magic that lives in you.

Let’s say you’re feeling agitated. What’s really going on here? What’s the source of your agitation? You’ve placed a barrier of separation between you and Source/God/TheDivine.

What if you’re feeling blissful? Why is it so much easier to believe, then, that you are divinely connected? In physical form, you are the same person who was agitated. The difference? When you’re feeling good, blissful, joyous, etc. you are aligned with Source. You have removed the barrier.

Once you realize you are both and all of these, everything begins to make sense.

Remember, you and the magic are one and the same.

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